The following is a run down of the emoticons supported by Tag It! version 0.6.1. They are case insensitive, so if someone uses :-X or :-x it will still show up as . If you're daring, then feel free to change out the images with your own, or even code in more faces and expressions and such.

Smile:-) or :)
Frown:-( or :(
Big grin:-D or :D
Surprise:-O or :O
Sticking out tongue:-P or :P
My lips are sealed:-X or :X
Foot in mouth:-! or :!
Put your money where your mouth is:-$ or :$
Kiss:-* or :*
Embarassed:-[ or :[
Unsure:-\ or :\
Wink;-) or ;)
Wearing sun glasses8-) or 8)
AngelO:-) or O:)
Yelling>:-O or >:O